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Krista thought her two-year-old daughter, Elora, was sick with the flu until an unexpected seizure left the child unresponsive. After a panic-filled drive to the emergency room, doctors discovered a hidden condition that left Krista begging God for a miracle for her little girl.

Over the next thirty hours, Elora fought for her life while Krista fought to understand how this hopelessly dark path could possibly be God's will, and when He eventually asked the impossible, if she would find the faith to trust and follow Him.

The burden of fear and grief seemed unbearable, but Krista learned that with God's love and Christ's grace,

there is no such thing.

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Wife. Mother. Author. Speaker.
Hopeful griever of a precious daughter.
Child of God.


Book Launch Party!

Join me for a fantastic book signing event to celebrate the long awaited relese of Unbearable Burden!

When: Saturday September 17, 2022 6:00pm MST

Where: My house (if you need the address, shoot me an email or text!)

Beginning at 7:00 pm join me for:

  • A Reading from the Book

  • Book Easter Eggs Revealed!

  • Q&A

  • Prize Drawing! (see pictures below)

  • Refreshments, including a Cake Cutting in honor of Elora

*Book signing will continue until every book is signed! 

Prizes Shown Below:

  • Trust God Crate: Fengdong foldable travel daypack, Opard waterbottle with custom Trust God sticker, signed copy of Unbearable Burden, various protein bars

  • Cake, Daddy! Cake! Basket: Nordicware fall bundt pan, gold cake stand, pumpkin spice inspired fringed apron, powdered sugar duster, spice cake mixes

  •  Candy Fa Fa Box: (Fa fa is Elora's word for dog) Gourmet Chocolate Box curated by Cacao Tribe includes- a stuffed fa fa wearing a candy necklace, Pump Street's Madagascar Milk bar, Francois Pralus's Djakarta Bar (my fav!), Mirzam's chocolate covered Emirati honeycomb candy (it's our newest favorite discovery!), Solstice's Bolivia bar, Cacao Sampaka's Roses & Strawberries bar, Pump Street's Ecuador bar

  • Handcrafted Charcuterie Board: donated by Smoke & Sawdust



Praise for Unbearable Burden

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My Story

Elora was the quiet one.

Maybe that's why I didn't notice the little hints that something might be wrong. She got sick so fast; a grand mall seizure that left her comotose before we made it to the hospital. 

The doctor found a brain tumor, but her fight was over before it began.

By the next morning, my Elora was gone. And I didn't know how I would go on if I had to leave her behind. 

But God did. 


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